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Dream Dance Circus is Grande Prairie’s premiere circus company! Operating as a not-for-profit since 2020, with the vision of bringing the joy of circus inclusively to those who have the desire for more expression, movement, community involvement and personal growth. Circus has a special place in society whereby it offers a venue for individuals to participate in activities that enrich their overall experience of life.

Dream Dance Circus has the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle options to community, through the medium of circus and performing arts, by offering workshops, classes and shows that are welcoming to the general public, inclusive of youths, those with mental health divergencies, under-privileged, minorities and queer community alike. We provide an alternative space for individuals to flourish. Our productions alight the imagination and open the mind to the possibility of new dreams! We believe that providing circus programs offers a preventive opportunity in our community with the goal of improving resident’s well being.

Our team

Daniel Yungen

Daniel is a circus arts performer who trains in contact staff, dragon staff, fire whip, stilt walking, fire eating and fire breathing. His performance style is high energy with a clown-like, playful nature. He connects to the audience with enthusiasm and consistent presence. In 2018 and 2019, Dan participated in Astral Harvest Fireshow alongside Alberta’s premier circus community with dragonstaff. He continues to share his enthusiasm for circus and flow arts while performing with Dream Dance Circus.

Marcia Tofer

Marcia uses balancing pots, palm torches, dragon staff, staff and fire- eating wands to create dynamic, exciting performances. As a fire dancer, Marcia is deeply interested in a transformative response to fear, moving beyond and using that energy to dedicate to the practice of creating an artform. Her movement style borrows from the vocabulary of the middle east, both earthly and serpent-like, leaving the viewer with the desire to dance for themselves with equal candor.

She has crafted complex choreographed routines for numerous years with her troupe mates in Alberta for audiences of 2000 and up, in festivals and corporate city settings. Her shows present new thoughts and ideas on ‘what is’ for traditional audiences and exceed expectations for festival folk who have seen it all.

Marcia is the executive director for Dream Dance Circus and previous director for Halo Tribal, Halo Dance and the Space.

Nikki Marchand

Nikki Marchand began wowing crowds with her exceptional skills in hoop, double staff, fire eating and poi in 2016. She has performed consistently in the Peace Region with fire and light for thousands at festivals and city events. Nikki continues to develop her love of dance and spreads her enthusiasm with her involvement at Dream Dance Circus. She teaches adult classes in hoop and staff and participates in creating dynamic performances with the troupe.

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