About Us

Our Mission:

Dreaming Dancers Guild (operating as Dream Dance Circus) has the purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle options to community, through the medium of performing arts and circus, by offering workshops, classes and inspiring shows that are accessible to the general public, inclusive of youths, mental health,
under privileged, minorities and LGBTQ groups.

Circus welcomes all and encourages the individuality of all people to shine!

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Our Mission

Dreaming Dancers Guild aims to intergrate circus arts further into the Peace Region

Our Values

The Government of Alberta's Child and Youth Well-Being Report indicates that the pandemic has harmed children and youth's social, mental, physical, and educational well-being. Depression and anxiety have increased in youth, and households have had a difficult time prioritising emotional and physical health. Referring to the Well Being Recommendations report, our camp satisfies recommendation one and five. For us to recover, we have a role to play as community members. Building back our community requires community leaders to create intentional, innovative, and inclusive ways to re-engage our youth.